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We work with you to understand your organization's most important human capital goals, learn your unique business and leadership culture, and define the overall scope of your search.  We will also gain an understanding of your internal processes to ensure that we are partnering properly with all your departments, so that you can elevate your organization to the next level. 



We pride ourselves on having the most thorough and revolutionizing recruiting process in the industry, taking a top-down approach to your needs. We start with the "big picture" - the overall needs, direction, intention, wanted impact, and goals of your organization as a whole - and work our way down to the fine print and energetic integrity of each position. Whether you're hiring the most entry-level position or recruiting executive leadership, our Essence Integrations Recruitment Process always follows an extremely stringent, effective, and proven process.



After we have immersed ourself in your company's unique culture and aligned your vision and values with those of the candidates we compile from our in-depth recruiting process- the most important part begins. We believe that integrating an individual completely into the heart of your organization is the only way to up-level the quality and impact of your company. We will be there every single step of the way to nurture this impactful process of integration by providing support, tools, and training. Our job does not start when you complete for first hire, in fact that is when the real job begins! 


Essence Integrations

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Finding the right people to join your team is an integral step in growing your organizations impact, vision, and unique value proposition. But before that, having a solid understanding of  what your vision is, what you want your impact to be, and how you want your organization to operate as a whole needs to be established.

That is why we have partnered with some of the best and most influential business consulting companies- to not only work with you to hire the right people, but to also provide you with support, training, and strategies to take your business to a space of success beyond belief. These power partners have years of experience supporting organization's leaders to re-develop and elevate the ways in which their company is doing business. 

If you have felt the calling and yearning to transform your business, we are able to connect you to these power houses in the industry to begin the transformation process. 

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We want to assist and experience the thriving of your business. We believe that you have the capability to build and grow an AMAZING organization and all you need are the right people and tools. Start working with us today, and let's build a brighter tomorrow together.